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DELIZA was founded in 2009 by the industrial designer Elisabeth Rubin. During about twenty years she has been innovating many household items, sport and leisure equipment, and medical imaging systems. She prefers now working about gastronomy with scientists and Chefs in a spirit of health, and sustainable development.

Liquid nitrogen fountains were created because of the necessity to have a very practical withdrawal system in cooking.

DELIZA is award-winning Grand Prix de l'Innovation de Paris in 2009.

Deliza's team can study for you every kind of demand about cryogenic equipment. Our fountains are recommended by the most important liquid nitrogen suppliers and we have partners in many countries.


Gas partners can deliver liquid nitrogen for DELIZA almost anywhere in the world.


Cuisine-innovation is scientific team specialized in gastronomy and alimentary research. The can study new new recipes.


Cryo-Diffusion is a manufacture of cryogenic equipment especially for hospitals, laboratories and industries. This factory near Paris manufactures for DELIZA not only liquid nitrogen fountains but also any cryogenic equipment for ice-cream corners.